Living in Reality

As mundane as life can sometimes seem, it’s still life and it’s meant to be lived as authentically and fully as possible. You may think that you have to be rich or that you have to have a million Instagram followers in order to live a great life… The reality is that life is full of possibilities and it’s up to you to dare to live a great life that isn’t impacted by the expectation of others or shaped by useless comparisons. Your life may not be a fantasy, but it is still important no matter what your circumstances are.

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The High School Effect

High school was interesting for me. Besides fighting insecurity and feeling the loneliness of having to leave friends behind in a new city, I struggled to feel significant. No I don’t mean wanting to be popular or anything remotely close to that. I made new friends and experienced new things. In all honesty I made some pretty great memories in high school. In spite of that I still felt invisible and often times I felt like no one really cared to get to know me. Mix that up with a little teenage angst and you could end up with a little trouble on your plate. All I have to do is read through some of my old journals to understand that (slowly cringing as I type this). But thank God for His love and mercy that He shows in our times of confusion.

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Blind Spots: Let’s Get Real

Hey everyone (or the two or three people who happened upon this post… God bless you) ! So it’s been a while since I’ve written anything, but in the time that I haven’t been writing anything I’ve been praying, studying, and striving to get to know God on a deeper level. I’ve been reading books, doing devotionals, and pouring my all into Bible studies. I’ve realized the relationship that I’ve been longing to have with God, and most of all… I’ve been in the wrong. Read More




There will always be moments in your life when you have to reconfigure yourself and get back on track. When that moment happened in my life ( not too long ago actually) I had to ask myself, Am I missing the mark? Am I serving God with all of my heart? It was tough but it was definitely a necessary moment for me.  Read More